Computer Hardware & Networking Course

IT industries depend on computer networking to keep employees connected and business flowing. And these networks need administrators, engineer, technician or people to manage their networking infrastructures. Computer networking is one of the best and most lucrative career fields available today. To be success in this filed you need to achieve a considerable knowledge. Curriculum be a part of an exciting new Technical Based Career ? Hardware & Networking Engineers are in High Demand and More Earning Job. Computer Hardware & Networking Engineers are of the most rewarding and profitable technical careers available in the industry today, with the potential of owning your own business. The lack of qualified, skilled Engineers in this field is a reality. Hardware professionals and Network administrators are in great demand in IT, software and web hosting companies. The role of a hardware engineer/network administrator is very much important in these sectors. In India there are enormous opportunities for young professionals as they are easily absorbed in IT/software companies with excellent remuneration.

Hardware :

 Computer Fundamentals.
Introduction to Computers.
Types of Computers.
Introduction to Input Output Devices.
Introduction to Storage Devices.
Principals of Data Communication.
Hardware Configuration
Basic Electricity and Electronics.
Work of Different ICs.
Introduction to basic components of a typical PC.
Assembling a PC.
Basic Trouble shooting during the assembling.
Basic troubleshooting of PC.
BIOS & Installing Operating System.
Boards and Other Components testing Logic and Digital Multi-Meter Using.

Software :

Introduction to Various types of Cables and Connectors Used in Networking.
Introduction to Networking and Networking Concepts.
Networking Fundamentals & Network Configuration.
•    Explain network technologies.
•    Explain how devices access local and remote network resources.
•    Describe router hardware.
Repeaters, Hubs, Switches, Bridges, Routers.
Configuration of IP Address.
Lan Practicals.
IP Addressing and IP Classes.
Basic Network Troubleshooting.
Basics of Network Security.