MRMTTI mobile repairing course

In mobile repairing course, we are teaching all types of smart phones mechanisms, chip level service training, and flashing methods. Laptop and Desktop computer chip level training in i7, i5, i3, dual core, core 2duo, etc. Explanations with all generation of boards with schematic diagrams.


Basic Electronics Module 1


Introduction to electronics

AC &DC voltages , current & Power

Identifying electronic components and their symbols

Active components & Passive Components

Resistors, Capacitors, Coil, Boost Coil, variable Resistors, Diodes, Transistors, IC explaining properties, physical appearance, checking methods and  remove and replace components.

Explaining Digital Multimeter and checking different components.

Hot  air blower usage and soldering and desoldering methods.


Mobile Hardware Module 2


How cell phone works

Mobile technologies FDMA, TDMA (GSM), CDMA

Explanation of Cell phone block diagram

Assembly and Disassembly mobile phone


Identification, working concepts of components like  Antenna switch, Different types IC ‘s, Oscillator  Crystal, Speaker, Ringer, Vibrator, SIM, Camera, LCD, Touch screen, Keypad, Power switch, Battery connectors etc.



Speaker theory, types of speakers used in cell phone and checking procedure.

Speaker problems like low sound, Disturbed sound and No sound & circuit oriented problems explanation.

External speaker circuit explaining and problems with headphones.


Microphone theory and various mics used in cell phones.

Mic circuit explanation and circuit oriented problems solving.

External Mic circuit problems

Loudspeaker or Ringer or Buzzer  & Vibrator or Motor & LED


Various types of loudspeakers used in Cell phones and checking, Buzzer problems like no ring sound. Circuit explanation and problems solving.

Types of vibrators used in cell phone, theory, checking and problems solving.

LED  theory and circuit explanation, problems with LED’s like Keypad LED and LCD LEDs.


How keypad functions

Keypad circuit Explanation

Keypad problems like any one is not working , 2 or 3 keys are not working and total keyboard is not working.

Keypad IC soldering method with hot air blower.

LCD & Touch Screen


LCD and touch screen theory

LCD display & touch screen  problems and circuit explanation & Problems solving

Display IC soldering method with hot air blower.



Battery theory

Types of Batteries used in Cell phones

Checking mobile battery voltage

BSI & B-Temp circuit explanations




Charging circuit explanation

Charging problems like nothing happed when charger connected, self charging, not charging etc

Remove and replace charger connector using hot air blower

Camera & Bluetooth & GPS

Camera functioning

Various camera modules

Solving camera module and circuit problems

Bluetooth function and problems solving

GPS functions



Types of sensors used in cell phone

Sensors problems



Rx path and Tx Path block diagram and circuit explanation

Network related problems and their solutions

Dead phone

Water dropped phone problems & solutions.


We are very proud to inform that most of student who completed their training and they was self employed and situated in many reputed organization.