MRMTTI Offering Special Training for All Types of Printers

we are giving special training for laser printer , inkjet printer ,dot matrix  and MFP Printer also. Our staffs can handle different languages likes, English, Tamil, Telugu Hindi, Kanada. All our courses taught by CONCEPT ORIENTED TRAINING. we are developing multi skilled technical service engineers. Theory, Practical and Practice based teaching methodology.

Printer repairing training course

Printer and printing history.
Printer principles of operation and theory.
Thermal processes & electro-mechanical operations.
Electrical and Electronic Components.
Mechanical Components.
Printer Theory.
Printer Troubleshooting.
Complete Rebuilds.
General Maintenance.
Calibration Process.

LaserJet Printer

Concept of Laser Printer function
Block Diagram of Laser Printer
Importance of LaserJet printer
Identification of LaserJet printers parts
How to check Common Fault & Equality of Printer
Learn about Circuit Concept
PCB Concept & Control Unit
About Power Unit & Lens Assembly
Scanner Device and Copier Devices
how to repair  the Faults of Scanner Device and Copier Devices
how to repair Faults of Logic card
Solution of all faults of LaserJet Printers
Cartridge Toner Refilling

Inkjet/Deskjet Printer

What is function of DeskJet and Inkjet Printer?
How to assemble printers and how to use its Parts?
Reassembling of inkjet-DeskJet Printer
Identification of Printer Parts and how to do printer troubleshooting?
About Paper Feeder Sensor
What is Door Sensor
Solution of all faults of inkjet printers
What is fault Inkjet printers and how to repairing these fault.
How to repair fault of inkjet printer power supply
how to  reset printer
Cartridge Inkjet Refilling

Dotmatrix Printer

Function Of Dot Matrix Printer and it’s Concept
How to work dot matrix printers
Identification of  parts of dot matrix printers
Assembling and dissembling of dot matrix printers
Concept of SMPS Board
how to working  Printer Head
What is Pinhead cleaning
About Drum Printer and Printer Head Working
Learn about Power Supply & Processor Section.

MRM technical training institute gives 100% practical oriented class, which students can get cleared doubts while doing service,and also after completing course. MRMTTI  gives the students spares  supports, wholesale and all other guidelines towards self employment.